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Wyboston, Bedford.

near St Neots

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Hedgehog first aid and rehabilitation in Wyboston

In the 1950s there were around 30-36 million hedgehogs in the UK.

Today, there are only 1 million.

Help me stop the decline.

Hedgehogs were once regular visitors to our gardens snuffling around for food in our flowerbeds, or to see if we have left any out for them.

I truly believe that we can make a difference to the flagging population of hedgehogs, and I believe we can together turn this decline around!!

Please help us any way you can, by donating, volunteering, or making changes in your own garden to look after hedgehogs and their wellbeing.


Hi, I'm Amanda

Looking out for

hedgehogs since 2015

To the all those hedgehogs, past, present and future - I hope if you do find your way to Spiny Normans Wyboston, please know I will endeavour to do everything I can to nurse you back to full health. I will make sure you're warm, hydrated, fed and clean. Any parasites I will endeavour to get rid of them for you. I will hopefully dress your wounds and they will heal. You will be loved, and cared for 100%. If you need more than I can give I won't be ashamed to admit it and pass you to more experienced hands, like the vets or another rescue, if you need surgery or vet treatment, or anything thats not on my remit I will try to raise the funds so that you can have it ... most of all, if I know you're not going to make it, I will always make the right decision and not let you suffer.


Check out the hogspital

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