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Check your bins for hogs

Please please check bins for hogs! I have one here who spent a week in a wheelie bin after overflow bins were moved to the wheelie bin when the bin was emptied. The excess trash bags were tempting, but the hog didn’t know it woiod end up in a horrible situation of being trapped in a bin full of dirty nappies and all Manor of other house of waste..

My hog is traumatised ! She screams to high heaven when touched ! She has to have a special paper sack to seek in filled with hay as she stresses with an igloo like everyone else has here in the Hogspital.

Please please tie up excess rubbish bags and check for holes ! If they have not been tied then please go through them with a fine tooth comb carefully. If you find a mamma and her babies please contact Rescue straight away. If it looks like mummy may run lease secure her.. we always prefer to have a jimmy hog l There just may be a hedgehog inside, she may well have babies! We also have some bin babies in, mum hog thoight it woiod be great to nest and give birth in some black rubble garden sacks, she found her way in, had 4 hoglets. The finder of these hogs began clearing the stuff to take tk the tidy tip, she told me she picked up the bag and threw it, it hit a fence post as it landed. She then heard the pooping sounds, in investigation she found Mummy and 4 babies ! We have two here, sadly mummy did a runner. Initially we had all 4 when mum abandoned them after being transferred to a box and put down where the bag had been. Two haven’t made in and I am fighting to save the two I have here now. It’s such a shame, this kind of scenario is happening up and down the country! Many many many orphaned hog are being taken to rescue after boing found in bin bags ! Please be hedgehog aware! 🦔💜🦔…/narrow-escape-for-hedgehog-mum-and-b…/

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