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Help us remain open after COVID-19

Hi there everyone, Due to the Covid-19 situation. I have teamed up with One Voice for Animals UK appeal, this is a U.K. based group whi saw how many of us wildlife and animal rescues are struggling, they are now trying to help us through a very difficult time. For which we are very grateful to them for raising awareness about the difficult position we find ourselves in. As donations become less and less we struggle to make ends meet - and it’s ever more difficult covering the running costs of our rescues. We are in real danger....”

Many rescues have already seen Permanent closures. 😢 Please help us remain open. Don’t let Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support, your local local hedgehog rescue become a casualty of Covid-19. Myself and my volunteers have put so much hard work into making this sanctuary for hedgehogs, they still need our help too! 💜🦔💜 As a non profit I rely on your kind donations rolling in continually, this helps me, help the hedgehogs that are so poorly, like Herbert in the Video. 💜🦔💜 Please donate what you can today and help me continue the important job of saving Britain’s hedgehogs. 🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 Hedgehogs have been in massive decline in recent years. It’s estimated that in the 1950’s there were 30 million hedgehogs living in the U.K. Today that number is a mere 1 million in the whole of the U.K. So massive losses. !! Mainly due to man. We have some making up to do. 💜🦔💜 Since October last year, I’ve seen 72 hedgehogs through the doors. That number is ever rising. New, very poorly or injured admissions can and do turn up any time. Since opening on 2018 over 140 hedgehogs found their way here. 💜🦔💜 Your generosity makes it possible for us to offer first aid, care and rehabilitate these wonderful, iconic prickly nocturnal creatures that snuffle through our gardens at night, 🦔hedgehogs🦔, Britain’s favourite mammal. 💜 they are beautiful but Poor things have a hard time out in the wild, so when they arrive here,our aim is 5* treatment all the way. Kindness, Compassion, love, healing hands, a time for them to just rest and relax, without the struggle of having to survive in a hard world, while I diagnose and treat their medical needs, in house or with help from the vet. Spiny Normans team of volunteers help clean and keep the place in tip top shape. 💜🦔💜 Often the hedgehogs need many differing treatments to get them well and back on their feet ready for release. It’s never just one problem with hedgehogs, they have multiple issues. One by one they are treated. It takes time. Many stay with us for 4 weeks or more. Over winter, they stay the whole season until it warms up again. So they require long term care. 💜🦔💜 “Please help me help the hedgehogs.” We’ve got this is we work as a team... 🙌 Many hands make light work. 🙏🤞🏻🦔🤞🏻🙏 💜🦔💜 There are a few ways to donate to to help.


Or Bank. Mrs A J Norman 40-10-02 43808300

Cheques can be sent to Mrs A J Norman Spiny Norman’s Hedgehog Support, 5, Rookery Road, Wyboston, MK44 3AX


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